In this section you will find some of the websites that are part of They might be currently running, upcoming, in hiatus or #closed5ever but regardless their status, they will be logged here. Meanwhile, why don't you visit the ones online? It would be highly appreciated!


AKUMA fanlisting collective W 2011

Even though I'm not as hyped as I was when I discovered them, I've been doing fanlistings for a LOOOooOOOOooNG time. Way back in 200X.

Akuma currently houses 6 fanlistings with 52 fans listed and 135 joined fanlistings.

The newest fanlisting at Akuma is Yume Nikki.


arcadia personal blog

An upcoming personal blog project. Most likely to be in Spanish.


awakening tcg log f 2014 x s 2016

My online trading card game log on its IV version now defunct. I played a lot of TCGs but I used to spend more time in Champion (by Aku) and 1UP (by Shawna and Nicole). Unfortunately, Champion closed and 1UP is most likely to end up in an undetermined hiatus.