pick your poison

Yudoku.net was purchased on May 1st, 2016 and is hosted by two of my best girls, Kula and Sumie; Yudoku.net is the successor of my previous domain, Methustos.Org, and, hopefully, the definitive.

The japanese word 有毒 (Yudoku) translates to Poisonous in English and Venenoso in Spanish, my first language, and means "causing or capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body". I chose the word because I've been fixated for quite a while with Poison related things ranging from my weapon of choice to one of my favorites Pokémon type. I honestly believe that being immune, being able to manipulate (as gas, liquid or solid) or to produce poison to different extents and toxicity levels is really OP and, as I mentioned, if I were a fictional character, those three would definitely be part of my ideal skill set. And a special shout-out to Yoru for helping me with the name.

You’re viewing Version 1: Rock You of YUDOKU.NET featuring Sol Badguy from the Guilty Gear series. Sol Badguy has been one of my (many) husbandos since forever. Artwork by Daisuke Ishiwatari from the GGX 2000-2007 Art Book and taken from Minitokyo. Dry Brush and Alternate Gothic No. 2 were used in the header and Google Fonts, Open Sans Condensed and Roboto Condensed for everything else. Designed in Photoshop CS6 and coded in Dreamweaver CS6.